Grimes Solutions is the leading provider of emergency water removal in the Deltona, FL, area. Our services include water damage mitigation, restoration, mold inspection or mold removal. Our certified experts serve residential and commercial clients throughout Central Florida, including Daytona Beach, DeBary, DeLand, Ocala, Orange City, and Sanford, FL.

Water Damage

Oh no! My water pipe burst, and it is leaking all over my beautiful floors; what do I do now? Unfortunately, water leaks are common in Deltona and Central Florida, especially in older homes and other residential and commercial buildings. But since we live in a sub-tropical climate, it is imperative to Call Grimes Solutions as soon as you discover the leak to prevent further water damage and mold. Our certified experts will work immediately, deploying specialized equipment to extract the water and mitigate further damage as required by most homeowners' or commercial insurance policies.

Mold Inspection

You may be surprised to learn that mold is naturally present in our environment. However, mold generally only becomes a problem once it starts growing indoors. The combination of moisture and humidity is the perfect condition for mold. And once it starts, its spores multiply quickly, spreading throughout the air and vents, contaminating other surfaces in your house. Not all mold is toxic, but some can cause respiratory or other health issues. So, an onsite mold inspection is standard for water removal in Deltona, FL, and surrounding communities.

Water Damage Restoration

After water removal and mold remediation, the next step in the process is water damage restoration. Again, our team of water restoration specialists is here to help. Our certified experts have the skills and experience to remove all the water safely, quickly, and efficiently from your home or business without harmful chemicals. And we'll work hard to restore damage to ceilings, flooring, and walls to their pre-damage condition as if it never happened.

Volusia County Water Removal Specialists

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